This site has a three fold purpose:

  1. Music research looking for visual patterns in melody genres
  2. A place for people with musical skill to save songs for people with musical learning difficulties to find a format that works for them.
  3. A website to put all my computer programming ideas in one location.
I hope people find it interesting and perhaps useful. The name comes from a combination of music (rock and roll) and the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone was important in understanding the ancient language of Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Hopefully rocksetta.com will help a few people with difficulties learning sheet music to finally play an instrument.

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As the computer is sensing and analysing the sounds you make, it can be a frustrating experience the first few times you try it. For best results record your songs: slowly, in a higher pitch than normal, and do not use chords, play or hum only one note at a time. When happy with your recording check that these fields are filled out: Song name, Teacher name, Teacher password, Teacher song number. Then click the upload button for your song to be entered into the database. Youtube explanation here Play Your Instrument online

Always change the Teacher song number so that you do not overwrite your previous song. Alto Recorders work best but any other instrument that produces a pure high pitched sound should work fine. Delete songs by saving a blank song over top of the song you wish to delete. The system will clear the blanked file within 24 hours. Get Adobe Flash player


OrderSong TitleTeacherSong #

1, 568
ZackBeatles 3
2, 261
generalJer 2
3, 303
JerTest 1
4, 493
GreatKids 2
5, 534
wowBeatles 1
6, 514
MaryBeatles 1
7, 555
MaryBeatles 24
8, 308
kidsMary 3
9, 425
xmasJer 23
10, 496
wAnthem 2
11, 124
Beat7 11
12, 535
wowBeatles 2
13, 396
xmax34 300
14, 348
elvisJoe 1
15, 590
xmasJer 2010

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