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~ Mar 2, 2017 Have taught Robotics for 3 semesters and am now changing things.

New Github site at
Which has a great web interaction website for both the Particle Photon and the Raspberry PI 3 at That looks like the following

A few supporting images

~ Dec 20th, 2014 A student found the website

~ Jan 8 20th, 2015 Started this blog

I know nothing about Robotics, Arduinos, Raspberry Pi's, Seeed Grove Sensors, Actuators (motors etc) and generally anything to do with breadboards, but I have taught High School Computer Programming, and Physics for a few decades. Students recently showed me the site and I am now hooked. The spark core ($39) and photon ($19) is like an Arduino merged with a Raspberry Pi but constantly internet connected. So instead of spending hours and hours getting an Arduino doing what you want, why not use the wealth of online javascript resources and let your computer browser do all the heavy coding while the spark device reads the environment through sensors and activates actuators from program or internet user control. This site is dedicated to my journey from knowing nothing about Robotics to wherever it will take me.

~ Jan 20th, 2015 Started this blog

My main spark Core Photon Github site is at I will try to have my present work at a different site so that the above stays true to the latest youtube video.

This is the best version to use as it is simple and easier to understand ajaxBetter.html

View the .ino file that must be loaded onto the photon or spark core spark-web.ino

Basic web page to control the spark core spark-control-basic-web-page.html

Working advanced web page for controlling the spark core xtra-html-ajax-json-slider-polling.html

Watch the youtube site at

~ Jan 30th, 2015 Internet of Things Rant

My IoT rant at iot-rant/

The video is at

Class countdown until the September 8th, 2015 8:50 Am

Feb 9th, 2015: I now have some idea where this is going. Note: Just read that Samsung is getting into the Robotics 3D printing arena

I have seven months until my Robotics, 3D Printing and Mobile App Design course begins.

Recently I saw some grade 5 's using Lego Mindstorms. Very cool but I am hopefully not teaching that to grade 10-12.

So what needs to be done on this site? This list should make good headings for the rest of this blog. Well in no particular order: