Type in the boxes then click submit to activate your Spark Core or Photon.
Device ID:----------- Get this from the core area when logged in
Function Name:----- Get this from the program you flashed to your spark core
Set the parameters yourself:--
Start form elements to be sent including the acces_token and the parameters

Parameter if needed: Your Function may need these
Access Token:------- Get this from the settings area when logged into http://spark.io

End form elements

Example direct buttons -->
every Seconds

You sent a command similar to (timeout can be 30 seconds long):Notice your access_token and Params are not visible since they are sent using POST which safely hides them

What is returned from the spark cloud server goes below here. Should be under 2 seconds
output here

Sensor A1 reading in Volts: Volts

At the bottom of every page make sure you include the following button: