Rocksetta Online IOTA Micro Wallet
for IOTA Transactions with Encrypted Messages

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  1. This website is not an attempt to endorse or discourage IOTA. It was made around Dec 18th, 2017. I simply wanted to see if I could JavaScript program IOTA in the browser. Most of the examples I found on the web simple did not work

  2. My name is Jeremy Ellis and I teach Computer Programming, Animation, 3D Printing and Robotics at a Canadian BC High School.

  3. I would appreciate a tip if you like what I have made

  4. Generally: DO NOT USE ONLINE WALLETS LIKE THIS ONE OR ONLINE PASSWORD GENERATORS OR SEED STORAGE DEVICES. Why should you trust this site? You shouldn't! Also the site is based on the IOTA.LIB.JS scripts which may or may not have lots of bugs.

  5. Remember that IOTA does not really have wallets like blockchain. Your seed is your connection to the Tangle. Keep your main SEED secure and offline as much as possible.

  6. The new desktop wallet likes a seed over 60 characters (Should be 81 Trytes). This site and the Android wallet are fine with small (very unsafe) seeds since I am just testing micro payments.

  7. To send me a tip just leave the receive address blank

  8. This site is as secure as I know how to make it, but for your own saftey do not use your main wallet SEED. Simply use a new seed. Using your own wallet, transfer some IOTA to the new seed. Then use that new seed on this site. When finished use your own wallet to transfer IOTA off your new seed.

  9. Better yet, make 2 new seeds and send information and or IOTA between them.

  10. This site comes with no warrantee of any kind. If you lose all your IOTA that is your own fault. Sorry to be blunt. This is very new technology, and new technology always has issues.

  11. Almost all of my information for this site has come from the IOTA github site at

  12. If you like this online wallet then send me a tip. If I get enough tips I will consider making some IOTA JavaScript programming video tutorials on my channel at

  13. You don't need to send any IOTA to send encrypted messages to a RECEIVE ADDRESS.

  14. The seed checker makes sure you type A-Z or the Character 9 in uppercase (Trytes). Turn the Checker off if you find it confusing.

  15. If the base URL for this webpage does not start with "" it is not from my site at Then I did not make this page and it is even less safe to use.

  16. You could use this wallet to send large transactions, but that would be crazy. If you are crazy enough to use an online wallet then you are also crazy enough to send a large tip. Have a great day.

  17. This wallet may work when other wallets don't since it uses the port 443 and other wallets tend to use 14265. I have not yet got any other ports working from the web browser.

Check that the default server is up and running at

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List of active light wallet hosts here


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This button retrieves a lot of information, but also checks if everything is working and shows some of the outputs you can get from using your seed.


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