Rocksetta Help Page

Presently will be changing quckly as it has just been fully contructed around May 2012. The main flash page written in actionscript 3 was began around April 2010 after flash allowed the use of the microphone on web pages.

Rocksetta is a competitive self deleting database of songs for music research and anyone with difficulties learning sheet music or guitar TABS. Musicians are welcome to record or improve songs for others to use. Presently Keyfreemusic notation, ABC music notation and sheet music is represented but hopefully in the future other forms of music notation will be present and interchangeable.

The basic operation surrounds the playing of songs over top of a stored background song. Rocksetta matches each correct note and displays a score in percent notes played correctly per recorded notes.
The notes you play are analyzed using a fast fourier transform and several filtering and matching algorithms. This causes slight variations making it very difficult to match the songs perfectly. The human voice and several instruments will make sounds that diverge briefly from the fundamental note.

In the Rcoksetta flash program the red line can be moved up to increase the desensitization of the mic. This can help dramatically in a noisy room or to reduce the duration that rocksetta assumes a note is being played. The blue line can be moved up to increase the song speed or down to reduce the song speed.

Youtube videos about Rocksetta