About 20 years ago I played around with making software neural networks, but I always thought they would work better as a hardware device with software support. Fast forward 20 years and google has developed and open sourced tensorflow. Software proof that Neural networks and deep learning work fine.
I need to understand this new python library (I prefer using javascript but appreciated the power and ease of python.)

This is my attempt to understand Tensorflow

Demo RNN website at https://quick-test-rnn-rocksetta.c9users.io/index.php

Jan 2nd, 2016

First try my Python API diagram at

The direct link is at http://rocksetta.com/tensorflow-teacher/tensorflow-svg.html

Next I will show you how to load TensorFlow on Cloud9 for fast playing with the library from anywhere using any device and your browser. http://c9.io

Jan 4th, 2016
TensorFlow on Cloud9 using the github site at https://github.com/hpssjellis/easy-tensorflow-on-cloud9
The you tube video is at

TensorFlow teacher on Youtube

Note: First Video on the cloud9 site you need to paste this link

Note: Third video on the cloud9 site you need to paste this link

Note: Forth Repository (Still working on why this setup.sh file takes almost an hour to install, Strangely installs numpy from source instead of the pip resource. Fully works just a really long installation) that presently does not have a video on the cloud9 site you need to paste this link

The reason this way of installing TensorFlow is so easy for beginners is that you just have to right click and run all the rocksetta files, no installing issues, no running python on the command line, no looking up command line parameters.
Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.

Jan 4, 2016
Here is an image of the symbols used in TensorBoard

Feb 21, 2016 Third youtube video at


May 23, 2016 skFlow Docs helper page (also called Tensorflow Contrib Learn main tensorflow master link at https://www.tensorflow.org/versions/master/api_docs/python/contrib.learn.html#RunConfig) My link at skflow-docs.html

Sept 15, 2016

After a while using tensorflow magenta I finally find a different system RNN to 3D Printing using Tensorflow Deep Learning

For the complete beginner Tensorflow playlist visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReaxoSIM5XQ&list=PL57Dnr1H_egvXDT3NIne7YQY54Rx8fS6J

By Jeremy Ellis http://www.rocksetta.com or twitter https://twitter.com/rocksetta