Samsung Galaxy S3 running Adobe Flash Player

See video at

Disclaimer: anytime you install any software on any computer/phone you may have unforeseen issues. This website explains what I did and makes a few other suggestions. Please proceed with caution.

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Dec 10, 2012. New youtube video with better steps for installing flash on Android devices at Flash on Android Video

On Dec 5th, 2012 My Samsung Galaxy S3 just auto updated to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1. Very pleased to see that flash player still works after the update. Not sure if it will install on a clean 4.1.1 android device but at least the present devices update smoothly.

New webpage showing my steps to install flash player on an Android device at

As of Oct 14th, 2012
I managed to make a beta of my rocksetta flash game for android. I will try to put it on the google play store soon. You can download the beta of rocksetta for android here:

Rocksetta.apk called recorder2Recorder.apk at the moment

As of Oct 6, 2012
I was in the states and managed to check for flash player on the google play store and it was not there, So I googled "Adobe archived" and found the latest android 4.0 flash version then set the Costco display S3 phone to unknown sources and installed the latest flash. I then tried and switched to desktop view, and it worked on the normal S3 browser. Still hard to play flash games on a mobile phone since I am not sure how to enter keypress commands like W A S D for movement, but at least flash is now easier to install.

As of Sep 22, 2012
The new Adobe Flash Player 11.1(

for android version 4.0 does not seem to work well with the default Samsung S3 browser on but the new

HD Dolphin Browser
with the

Desktop Toggles add-on
works great. The toggle is useful in telling websites that you are running full flash player and not the mobile version.

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The good news is that it can be done, see the end of this page for the short version. Probably by now the bug is fixed and you just have to load flash player from the google play store.

Recently a few people have pointed out that flash player is not even on their countries Google play store. (The US play store ???). Adobe has written that it will support the Samsung S3 with security updates.

So what I would then have done is go straight to the

Adobe Archived Page
and install version
, which unfortunately is not their anymore, but I think my link still works. If my link does not work try the lowest android 4.0.4 flash player first to get your settings page working and then install whatever is the latest version for your phone. I presently have the flash_player.apk
but I think you can find the latest update at the Adobe Archived Page. Even after an automatic 80Mb update my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is still listed as android version 4.0.4 and flash player is still working.

Why is flash important to me? I made a website using flash which allows people to sing, store and see the printed sheet music using adobe flash player embedded in a web page

This would be great for mobile phones (Think of a tune, sing, play, whistle, hum it; then store it on the rocksetta site and anytime later look at the sheet music for the song you just hummed), so when I saw that Android 4.0 was the last main supported version for full flash player and that the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone was

supported by Adobe
, I thought I would get one. Unfortunately, my site does not run on the Galaxy S3 but most other flash sites do work with a bit of tinkering.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 or S III can run Adobe Flash Player 11.1 but it took me a long 3 days to get it working and I am not sure what was the main thing that I did correctly. Here are the steps I did.
Hopefully someone can pinpoint what was truly needed, or was it just an update to flash that made it work correctly? From the Google play store I loaded and installed:

The setup:
When I installed, from the google play store adobe flash player it installed fine, just did not get to the web page that determines flash settings. This is the site flash goes to when you open the app which is called flash player settings. It actually goes to the site
However, after I loaded the adobe site Flash Player 11.1 for Android ( at

Then I could load the flash player settings mentioned above.

I am not sure which browser worked for the settings but since I had a few browsers I just tried them until one worked.
Not the end of the story.
I think then embedded videos work but flash as a game player did not. So I then went back to the google play store and updated the flash player 11.1 I got version around Aug 1, 2012, whatever the latest is should now be fine. I then loaded a simple flash site and it worked. I tested it on all my browsers and flash now worked on The built in galaxy S3 internet, HD Dolphin and Opera but not on Firefox, Chrome or UC Browser of SkyFire (However many of these wanted the plaugin installed and I need to check if I had enabled javascript and plugins).

I then tried

and it did not work since addiciting games was expecting some lite mobile version of flash.
Using the built in internet on the galaxy S3 click the menu button and look for Desktop View. Make sure it is checked.

Now your flash works just like a desktop flash. Unfortunately my site still does not work for me so I will have to make an android app out of it.
I tried repeating the steps on another phone but it seemed much easier once I had go the flash player settings working. Good luck.

note: I did also load adobe air and adobe reader but i tested on another phone and those apps did not seem to be relevant
I think the main steps are:


    Once you click on this link go to your apps location and click on downloads to see if it is complete. Then install it and open it in a browser that gets the setting page working. First try the main Internet browser, then try HD Dolphin Browser or Opera if the main Internet browser does not work.
  2. Google Store Flash Player 11.1 or higher, If not on google play store try

    Adobe Archived Page
    loading the latest for your phone Android 4.0.4
    In browser youtube should now work
  3. Use settings menu --> Desktop View
    Now full flash should work, try it on

    Unfortunately for me my page at

    still does not work on a mobile phone. It just shows a pinkish flash area, the rest of the site works since it is HTML5 compliant but the flash, Sing and record area does not work for me.

    Good luck, lets hope it flash player still works in the future on the Samsung Galaxy S3