Personal Cell Phone Locker

Can you be a kind parent or kind teacher and still be effective?

Get kids thinking again with the Cell Phone Locker

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Personal Cell Phone Locker

For anyone having issues with students or children inappropriate cell phone use. Parents can lock up their children's phones so that the child can get chores complete and homework finished. Teachers can lock up cell phones for students having trouble concentrating on the lesson.
  1. Lock the cell phone upright and to something so that the student can still use it, but in a restricted manner.
  2. Lock the cell phone upside down and to something to completely lock it down.
Student or child then needs to come and see you before getting there cell phone back. Classroom tested and really useful.

Note: Only the Cell Phone Locker is provided, other items in the images (such as locks, chains, wires and cell phones) are for display only.

Presently available fully transparent version