Rocksetta Effect Analysis of Xmas songs

Note: the Rocksetta Effect is a theory that song genres or song types that evoke basic similar emotions have in general a similar shape.

All songs are transposed into the key of C. Music vectors are made using C = red going straight up, c# = orange 15 degrees to the right. etc, etc, Until an entire octave is completed in 180 degrees and then the colours repeat again for the second ocatve. Note: Present day Rocksetta analysis does not use colours but this was the original study.

Note: In the following images the song starts near where the name is. Click on the images for a larger view.
From a Rocksetta Effect Anaysis point of view. Forward songs, Those that end (or should end) in the root note, for xMas songs almost always proceed in a general direction of about 45 degrees above left facing horizontal (45 degrees above East). Backward songs, those that begin with the root note proceed in a general direction 45 degrees below the left facing horizontal (45 degrees below East). (On second analysis the amounts seem to vary between 30 degrees, 45 degress and 60 degrees !!)